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A customer in Germany does not pay the debtor's bill, even if the whole account should be unpaid. But most lawyers in Germany are not willing to pay for the products. It may be, that a single customer will not pay because of an accident in Germany, for now the office is placed in Hamburg.
The wordlwide network has opened debt collection departments and partner agencies in many countries. Commercial debt collection service is included in Germany offered by the group. In case of non-payment of commercial debt, they can provide to customers the expertise on local collection practice, watching as improving efficiency and responsiveness just for them.
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Provising commercial debt collection services for both its insured and the commercial companies that do not have a trade credit insurance policy. Range of services offered includes the following areas: the collection of debts as collection service to businesses (B2B Collection); legal assistance services for debt recovery (Legal Services); international debt collection services (International Collection).
In parallel with market leadership in the segment of commercial collection, lawyers are a leader in commercial debt collection in Germany. Because customers are both in Germany and international customers, they need a qualified lawyer in every case of an unpaid debt, only a lawyer offers the opportunity to appeal to the worldwide network to collect the whole debt including all costs. These local entities have the necessary expertise to regulate the legal dispute arose. In essence, customers are trying to work a local partner in order to minimize losses, exactly where needed.